Teacher's Gifts (Part 2)

Laila took in her teacher's gifts today and they all seemed thrilled with them.   I know there are many people that don't acknowledge the teachers because they feel it's their job and they are paid to do it.  But in my opinion these people are not paid enough to do what they do day in and day out so a little recognition is the least we can do.

Since Hayden started school I have always tried to stay away from the "World's Greatest Teachers" gifts because I'm sure most of them have had their fill of those.   I  have a few good friends that have been teachers for over 20 years and they have quite the collections of "memorable" gifts.

I played it safe for Laila's teachers this year and got them Mastercard gift cards and a little box of Purdy's chocolates.  Then last night I decided that I would make them the reusable gift bags that I made for Hadyen's teachers.


After I made the bags for Hayden's birthday Laila asked if we could make some for her classmates for the end of school so whipped up some cute cupcake (for the girls) and superheroes (for the boys) bags.  Faruq took her to the dollar store the other day and bought a bunch of little stuff to fill them.

Honestly, I'm a bit "bagged" from making all these bags but they are super easy ande everyone loved them so the effort was totally worth it.

Tomorrow at 3:30 we will be officially on summer break and I honestly can't wait to not have any schedules or routines for two whole months.

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