Another sewing project...

I have been plugging along with sewing projects and I had a few friends recently try rag quilts.  I had never heard of them to another friend mentioned it a few weeks ago.  After I seen the ones they made I thought I would give it a try.

They are actually quite easy to make and the end result was good.  Laila was thrilled.

I learnt a few lessons along the way though.  I will use a better quality flannel and put batting in between the squares to make it a bit fluffier.  Lastly, I will double check the squares before sewing them together as I made a small error in Laila's blanket and it still drives me mad when I look at it.

Now I'm working on more loot bags for Laila's classmates for a little year-end treat as well cute pillow case dresses for the girls for July 1st.  I will post a few pictures when I'm done.

Lastly,  I'm so excited to find a sewing store in Calgary that offers courses on Brother sewing machines which is what I own.  I have an embroidery option on my machine that I would dearly love to use but honestly it just scares me every time I think about learning how to use it but this store is offering a course in July on exactly this.   I'm super excited and hope to be embroidering everything after this class.

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Keli said...

I love the quilt. I am also jealous that you have time to sew. I have no time except to mend things for the store. I am looking forward to someday hiring someone to work 2 days a week, so I will have some time off. I hope you enjoy learning more about using your sewing machine. When I sewed (in my former life) I managed to learn all the features of my Brother machine. I love it.