19 years...

And I feel like we are just getting started.  The years seem to pass more quickly now because we are so much busier but our bond just grows stronger and stronger with each passing year.

I'm proud of my marriage and that we are celebrating our 19th anniversary today.  We both take our relationship very serious and work on it everyday of every year.  We want to be the best role models for our kids and show them that marriages can last a lifetime.  

I love that I have history with this man and that we can sit for hours and laugh about all the funny things that have happened over the last two decades.

I love that he accepts me with all my flaws and battle scars.

I love that he never speaks harshly to me but is always the voice of reason and reassurance.

I love that he is my calm (and trust me I have needed that a lot).

I love that our kids adore and love him to bits.  He is an amazing father.  He is my equal partner in this parenting gig.

I love him.  Period.

~ Faruq  ~ 
June 19th, 1993

~ Faruq ~
New Year's - 2012

So tonight we celebrated with a party of 5 instead of 200 and we are dining on chinese food rather then beef wellington but it is just perfect.

Here's to the next 19 years !!

I love you forever and ever ! 

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Soshayna said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! ♥