Positive Changes - 2012 Edition (January)

 Last year I had both highs and lows in my quest for a "healthier" me.  The biggest lows by far were injuries that seem to plague me for the better part of the summer.  I had times when I honestly just want to pack it in and not work through the pain.  But I forged forward and rehabbed the injuries.

One of the biggest highs was losing approx. 40 lbs and keeping it off.  I have heard a lot of people say "Losing weight is the easy part but keeping it off is tougher".  While I agree somewhat with that statement I have to saying losing it hasn't been a total walk in the park for me.  I love food and it's been tough to manage that love with my desire to be healthier.  I have learnt it's one day at a time and if you go off the rails not to throw the towel in but just pick yourself up the next day & continue on.

While having a trainer was a wonderful thing (a luxury really) we chose in November (for numerous reasons) to go it on our own with regards to the exercise portion. We have all the equipment and while the workouts are not quite as intense I'm still able to do things on my own at the times that work best for me.

I did try an online training site called "FitOrbit" for a month and thought it was pretty effective.  For a very low monthly fee a personal trainer will create a meal and workout plan for you.  At the beginning you are required  to fill out  an online questionnaire that covers a variety of topics and from that you were given a list of trainers that would best suit you.  After picking the trainer they will create your personal plan and email them to you.  The plans were detailed and easy to follow.  There was a huge variety of meals and they would substitute to fit your likes.  The exercises were laid out in a easy to follow plan and each one had a video that you could watch to ensure you were doing it properly.

I chose not to renew with FitOrbit only because I have joined on with another program instead.  It's just early days so once I have been doing it for awhile and hopefully see results  I will be happy to share which one it is.

I had a wonderful Christmas break but It's a new year and time to get back to business with my "Positive Changes" journey.   All in all the damage was not so severe and I'm happy to be back on track.  

I would love some company on this journey so if you are making positive changes in your life I would love to hear about them.

Here's to 2012 !!!

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Leslie said...

Well done you!

Soshayna said...

I have been working on the being healthier thing also. While weight loss would be lovely and I am hoping to see some, I am more focused on lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure. I did not overdue it during the holidays, probably mostly because my kids were sick the whole time, but I have been exercising these last few weeks and feeling better. Good Luck, Michelle!!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

You already know I am all over this! Great job, and I hope you are enjoying your new program :)