Deep Freeze

No sadly I'm not talking about the big white box that holds my extra food in the basement but I so wish I was.  We have had beautiful weather up until this past Sunday (thank you Mother Nature or global warming) but with one big mother lovin' swoop we have plunged back into the depths of winter.  The weather forecasters did warn us but it didn't make it any easier to go from + 10 to -30 in the matter of a few days.

I so long for the days when my kids were babies and we had no reason to leave the house when this weather hit us.  I'm thankful that Hayden gets a ride to and from school most days so at least I don't have to venture out really early but Laila goes to afternoon preschool and silly me I did not sign up for the bussing option (that has been rectified for next year).

On Monday morning I asked Laila if she wanted to play hooky from school and I totally expected "Sure Mom".  Nope not my kid she was all like "No mommy I need to go to school cause I learn stuff".  So off we went to school and to be honest it really wasn't so bad (not gonna lie though I would have preferred to be home in my PJ's).   Today we get up and it is even colder than yesterday so I again offered the chance to stay home with mommy and Sophie...I even offered popcorn, candy and movies but no way was that kid staying home.  I now have serious doubts she is actually mine and may concern some genetic testing to confirm it.

I have decided tomorrow if it is still as cold as it was today I'm going to lie.  That's right I'm going to tell her it is Saturday so there is no school.  I don't condone lying to your kids( okay expect for Santa and the tooth fairy) but seriously this kid won't give me a break.

From the look of our short term forecast I better put my best face on and be prepared to go to battle with 4yr old.

We are suppose to go back to -5 on Sunday which will seem balmy compared to this deep freeze now but Sunday is a long long time from now.

Wish me luck !!

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