Please don't discipline my children

Tonight we made a stop at Costco before coming home and while there we unfortunately encountered a older lady who felt the need to try to discipline one of my children.

There is just a few things wrong with this...

  1.  Laila wasn't actually doing anything wrong when the incident occurred.
  2. She definitely picked the wrong kid to do this to...when the cranky old bag  lady shook her finger and said "NO"to Laila.  My girl proceed to burst into tears and started screaming directly at her.  I'm sure I could have stopped it within seconds but decided to let her go on for a few extra minutes.  I have said it before Laila will be performing on a stage someday and will probably win an Oscar.  Well today I believe was gave her first award winning performance. 
  3. Lastly....I don't need anyone to discipline my kids.... thankyouverymuch !! 
I'm not sure why complete strangers feel compelled to step in and assume the job that I'm quite capable of doing as this child's parent.  I guess I'm fortunate that this has actually only happened once to me.  I was chatting with friends and was surprised to hear that it has happened to them but more shocked that it has happened to them more then once.   

But not to be out done by the strangers who want to discipline are the even more annoying people that stare when our little darling have those all too normal "kid meltdowns".  If you are someone that does this please stop.  We as parents try to do our best to prevent these outbursts but they do happen it's just a fact of life.

Well that's my little rant for tonight and I'm sure after what that lady experienced today she will I hope think twice about getting involved in a situation that doesn't really concern her.

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