Leaving on a jet plane....

Hayden left this afternoon for two weeks with his grandparents in Vancouver, B.C.  He was a little nervous being away from us but I know within a few days he will be totally comfortable and having a blast.   I remember as a kid growing up I spend many, many summers with my grandparents and I have wonderful memories from those visits. I'm so glad that my parents are still alive and live close that these types of visit can now occur with my kids.

I don't blog much about Hayden mainly at his request but he has had a bit of tough time adjusting to life with two younger sisters.  He was our only child for almost 4 years before Laila came along then we added Sophie just 2 years later.  While we know he loves them I believe he sometimes has issues sharing us with them.   Because the girls are younger they will of course require more time and I sometimes think he just can't accept or understand that.  We have tried to ensure that he does get "alone" time with both of us but lately it just doesn't seem to be enough.

We had originally thought we would all head to B.C. for Spring Break but figured it might be better to just let Hayden go for two weeks on his own.  Faruq and I both hope when he comes back this trip will tie him over until the end of June when school lets out.  I think we are all getting tired from what has been a very busy year and the two month break will us do us some good.

I managed to snap a few shots just before they left this afternoon for the airport !!  Poor Faruq had to fly with him to B.C. then turn around and come right back to Alberta.  Kids under the age of 12 are not permitted to fly alone anymore but Westjet offers a "Companion Fare" which is 50% of the regular fare price but you must return to your starting destination within 24 hours of leaving.

Laila has asked no less then 20 times where "My Hayden" has gone.  She loves him so much so I'm sure for her the 2 weeks will be very long.

Have a blast Hayden and we will see you in a few weeks !!

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