Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (March 25th)

It's been a relatively quiet week around our place and we are just winding school down to have a few weeks off.

  • I have become addicted to Twitter over the last few weeks.  I have had an account for almost a year and didn't really use it.  But I caught the bug and now I have started posting again.  I really don't have the most interesting or funny life but enjoy interacting with others.  Twitter is a fast and simple way to do that.  If you are on twitter I'm "simplyhappymama".
  • Angry Birds - OMG I downloaded that a few days ago and I'm hooked.  What a silly little game but I can sure waste a lot of time playing it.
  • Faruq and I watched the movie "Love and Other Drugs".  It was funny and sad but best of all you got to see Jake Gyllenhaal's fabulous butt numerous times.  I would totally recommend it and not just because of the butt scenes.
  • Looking out my living room window you would  think it is December in Calgary.  When are we going to get spring around here....enough frigging snow.
  • Hayden is off to Vancouver to visit his Grands for two weeks.  I have to say it's probably a good thing because if not I would listen to him fight with Laila the whole time he is off.  Someone please tell me he will start to love her again.
  • The other night I chipped my front tooth on my laptop.  I don't even want to example it because it is just to bizarre to believe in the first place.  I had a friend actually say she didn't believe me.  :}  Honestly, how can you make this crap up.  It was a minor crack and more on the inside so my dentist was able to shave it down.  Eventually I plan on getting veneers so this is a temporary fix for now.
  • Laila is talking about a storm now.  So much that I actually willed her in mind to be quiet the other day.  I know everyone said it would come but until it actually did I held my breath.
  • Sophie is our little talker now....She is adding more and more words everyday.   That kid just seems to be doing everything earlier then the other two.
  • I need to start planning Hayden's birthday party for June.  He wants to do a rock climbing party so I really should book that before the dates fill up.
  • Oh yeah Canada is heading to yet another election in the near future.  I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry !
We have no plans this weekend other then haircuts tomorrow and that's just the way I like our weekends to be !  Faruq is off Monday as he is flying out to Vancouver to drop Hayden off but is returning that evening. 

Have a great weekend everyone !!  Stay warm or cool depending on where you live ! :}

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