Say What.....The Terrible Two's

Well I have to say I think we have fully entered the "Terrible Two's" with Laila.  I have tried to deny this is happening to my once sweet, adorable and more importantly "mild" manner little girl.  But sadly over the last few weeks it is just getting progressively worst with the temper tantrums and screaming fits.

Some have asked if it is a product of Sophie coming on the scene a month ago but honestly I don't really believe that to be the main factor.  I think it is Laila just trying to vocalize how she knows best what her likes and dislikes are.  Both my kids have been really late talkers so when Laila becomes frustrated with something she doesn't have words to scream at us so she just basically screams.

It is by far one of the loudest screams I have ever heard and it will surely break an eardrum if you happen to be holding her when she lets loose.   As added bonuses ...with this scream comes the arched back and then followed by the whaling on the floor until she is picked up.  I'm at a loss as we never really went through this stage with Hayden.  I know it will pass but man it can be very trying on ones patience's that are all ready a little raw.

I read an interesting article tonight dealing with Tantrums and can't wait to give some of the techniques a try.  Anyone have any great tips on how they handled or are handling the Terrible Two's ?

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FalkFamily said...

Oh, my gosh! I wish I had some tips. The only thing that really works with Chloe (as the terrible two's has now stretched into the three's sometimes!) is to walk away. If I'm consistent about walking away and not engaging her, she just stops. It's hard though when you are in public. I did it at the grocery store on Friday, and I had so many people just staring at me as I went about my business. She stopped after less than a minute, but it was the longest minute of my life :) Hope everyone is well!