It is busy...

Well we are going into week 2 with Miss Sophie and life is still very good !

She is doing wonderfully and we adjusting nicely to this new routine.  Daddy actually managed to get a break and go into work for a few days last week (he has come to realize that "Stay at home moms" have a very tough job).  But it was good for Laila, Sophie and I to try to figure out our routine and I have to say it wasn't too bad.

Sophie is a happy, happy baby that really just wakes for feeding and diaper changes right now which I find a little boring actually.  I can't wait until she is awake longer and interacting with us more.

I'm recovering a little more slowly this time from the c-section but getting there.  I'm finding I get tired fairly easy so I'm trying to limit activities to a minimum for now.  We managed to get to our favorite mall yesterday but honestly after an hour I was ready to come home.  It was still nice to get back out in the land of the living at least for a few hours.

Hayden is back in school and I think we are all a little glad for that routine again - keeps him busy during the day and he is happy to see his  friends again.

Well.....I finally broke down and made the purchase of on iPhone yesterday.  I have to say that I'm loving it so far.  Who has one? &  Do you have any favorite apps that you love ?  It's all new to me as I have had the same old cell phone for 6 years.  It was time to upgrade and come into this century with technology.

Our other latest find and guilty pleasure is the TV series Dexter...because hubby and I are pretty much home all the time now we decided to take the plunge over Christmas and start watching this series.  O.M.G. it is so good...we have a ton of friends that have watched it from the beginning but we never joined the bandwagon until now.  We are currently starting Season 3 and but have to say we have really enjoyed it thus far.  Anyone watch it ?

As well,  the latest installment of Top Chef, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser all started last week so that's a few more good viewing TV hours during those late night feedings that are part of my reality for the next while !


Shana said...

Glad you are finding a routine. You'll be back to running circle's around everyone before you know it! Take it easy until then & just enjoy a little down time. She is so pretty! I can't believe how much she favors Laila in your sidebar pic! Just precious! I love Dexter! That is seriously my absolute favorite show!

Keli said...

Finding your routine can be daunting, but sounds like you have a good handle on it. She does favor Laila (who is sooooo cute). I hope you get your energy back soon, with 3 little ones you are lucky to have a husband that will help out (as it should be).

linlassie said...

You have a beautiful family. Routine's come with time. Enjoy this busy time while you can, before you know it the children will be off and doing their own thing. Take it from this empty nester :)

Kathleen said...

Yay for getting in the groove and yay for Dexter. We don't do t.v. here, but we netflix those. Carnivale too, but that's sorta a bummer since they got canceled before they finished.