Happy Year ~ 2009

I decided instead of starting a new blog I would just try to continue with the one I have already started. Soooo " Forgive me father for it has been almost a year since I posted in this blog" ...there forgiveness asked for now let us continue.

Life is damn good !!! Even though oil prices are at an "all-time" low and we have lost a small fortune (and no we are not poor so don't offer to send money) in the stock market we have realized that our life is so rich in other ways. We have two beautiful children that are both happy and healthy, I have an amazing husband who provides me everything I need and in turn I hope I provide him with what he is needs. We have a great home and all the comforts we could be possibly need.

This year for us is going to be a year of "Simple Living". No non-essential spending will occur and we are going to enjoy just being with each other. I'm slowing down and enjoying the finer moments in life that we may have passed before when are lives were overwhelmed with other stuff. My kids are growing so fast and sometimes I find it hard to believe how fast it is truly going by.

I have been following a few ladies that I have come to admire for the choices they are making in their lives. They are not driven my "material"l wealth so their kids don't have closets full of clothes or the latest and greatest toys but they do have inter- happiness and contentment which I know realize I desire as well. I want my kids to understand what true happiness is and I don't believe it is surrounding yourself with "STUFF". The time we spend with our kids (especially now) is vital.

One big thing we have changed is no TV (except the occasional video) in our house. I have seen the effect that TV can have a young child and frankly it scares me. Hayden becomes all most "zombie" like when watching TV and then afterwards is tired and moody. Plus we get bombarded with the requests for all the food and toys he has seen advertised on the commercials. We went through 6 months of endless nightmares at night and now realize it was from shows like Scooby Doo. So now we pull out the board games and spend hours as a family laughing and bonding over a Monopoly or Scrabble board. It is priceless to me.

I have also cut out most refined sugars and bad fat from our diets. We are eating "whole" as much as possible and organic if available. Again, when Hayden gets sugar I honestly didn't think it effected him but man was I wrong. Maybe it wasn't effecting the mood but certainly the appetite. Without the fillers he is now eating pretty much what we are eating and has already gained 3 pounds. I always knew he was lacking in his diet but didn't know how to fix it. It's easier now because he is a little older and I can offer choices that makes him feel like he is part of the process.

They always say you learn from your mistakes and I certainly did when it came to Laila. I was committed to getting her sleeping and eating properly from a very young age. For the most part I feel that is a total success so far. She has slept in her room from 2 months and sleeps at least 12 hours a night with one nap during the day. She self-soothes herself to sleep at night and back to sleep if she happens to wake during the night which to this day Hayden still can't do.

As for eating that is yet another success story. The girl can eat and eat she does. I picked up a book called "Baby Blender Food" and it was the turning point for me and it helped me ensure Laila transitioned to solid foods because once again that did not go well with Hayden. Laila will eat almost anything we give her and I can't even say enough what a relief that is to me. It is a joy to watch her try new food and see her reaction (good or bad) to all that is in front of her. I have my own personal issues with food and work very hard to not pass those on to either child.

I see the effect that a proper sleep and eating pattern can have a child and I love it. We made mistakes with Hayden that are by no means his fault but he has been made to suffer with them so this year we are really focussing on helping him overcome these issues. It all takes time but we are both sure he will be stronger by years end.

Well that's pretty long post but that is are plan for the new year and we have to say it's pretty darn exciting - can't wait to share all the success and failures (I'm sure there will be a few) with you all !!!

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