Hayden Happening's

Hayden is in Kindergarten and loving (almost) every moment of it. Homework has been challenging but he is getting it done. He (and us) love his teacher. She is first year but has a huge amount of energy and rules that class like a veteran. Hayden is learning at a amazing rate - he has gone from being a non-reader to have a huge vocabulary. His penmanship is getting better every week.

He is learning about patterns now and opposites so it has been a fun experience for us all. Learning is so wonderful !!

He had advanced 3 levels in swimming since September and I can't believe how amazing he is doing. The VRRI rocks for swimming lessons and we are so glad we moved him there last year.

Piano is coming along. Getting him to practice is a bit of challenge but we have asked him to stay with it until May then we will decide whether he continues next year. Dang the lessons are expensive and if he is not committed to them the money can be spent else where.

The other new activity he is doing this year is Beavers and while he doesn't say much about it seems to enjoy the weekly meeting.

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