My other love affair...

About 6 months ago I started an affair that is still going on today and it's with my slow cookers.  I love them and the great meals they are producing for my family.  I'm all about less time in the kitchen.  I would love to say I'm a fabulous cook and spent hours everyday preparing not only delicious but more importantly nutrition meals for my family but that just ain't the case with two small kids.

I purchased my first slow cooker years ago and honestly never really used it.  This past summer I actually sold in in a garage sale and figured that was the end of that great idea.   Then I happened upon "Fix it and Forget it for Slower Cookers" in Costco one day and was magically hooked again.  I bought another slow cooker and started turning out these amazing dinners.  I then purchased another smaller slow cooker that would actually better serve our small family on a day-to-day basis.  It's all about the proper size people when cooking in these things.

I love my little 4 quart Cuisinart Slower cooker - it has a high/low setting with a warm feature once the cooking time is done.  I would spent the little more and get one that has these setting as it's great if you aren't home when it finishes cooking - it's just keeps the stuff warm vs. burning it.  I do have a much larger 8 quart cooker that I will use if I'm actually doubling recipe but really I find it just too big for everyday.  

I have made everything from Oatmeal for breakfast to Hamburger soup (so yummy) to my dad's famous meatballs and spareribs (don't tell him but I think they actually tasted better in done in the slow cooker).  I probably have the slower cooker going at least 4 days a week and the smell that greets us when we come home from a busy day is awesome.

I know when my kids leave home I will provide them each with a slow cooker if nothing else !  I will post some of our favorite recipes over the next few days so maybe they will become favorites for you !

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