So many little things happening....

We have had a busy few weeks...

Hayden was to start both soccer and T-Ball last week but unfortunately soccer was cancelled due to bad weather.  He seemed to really enjoy T-ball and I think that may be a big hit this summer.  It's great that both leagues focus on the kids having fun and learning the skills they need to play each game.  There are no scores kept in the game and everyone gets a turn at all the different positions.

There will be no sports this week as Calgary has been treated to a lovely "winter-like" storm and mother nature has dropped over 50 cm of snow on us during the last 5 days.  Honestly, I think we are all over the winter weather and would really love those warm spring days to return.

Faruq had planned to take Hayden out golfing on Friday but I doubt that will happen now but they are both hoping to get out very soon to hammer some balls on the driving range.  They have gotten over to see our friend who is a PGA professional for a few lessons over the winter and Hayden is pretty excited to practice what he has learnt. 

Laila is doing really well.  I took her in for her 4 month shots last week and she is growing at a great rate.  She is over 14 lbs now and is off the charts for height.  She is getting stronger everyday and has just started to move from the positions I put her in.  I have a feeling she is going to be a very early walker just like her brother.   

She still watches and loves everything that Hayden does.  It warms my heart to see the relationship that these two little people share and hope that the bond is always so strong.  Hayden is such a kind and loving big brother even when she takes the attention that would have been intended for him previously.    He is well beyond is 4 (almost 5 years) in maturity and I guess that makes all the difference.

I'm doing great - down over 25 lbs since going back to Herbal Magic.  Feeling great and can't wait to finish the program and get on with living.  I'm so looking forward to turning the big "40" this year and starting the next phase in my life.  What a difference a year can make in your life....last year I was facing my 40th birthday with dread and really thinking time was running out on us having anther baby.  Now we have Laila and life is just perfect.

I'm going to join a gym and get myself a personal trainer for the last 25 lbs I have to go.  This will help ensure I reach my goal but also give me the tools I need to maintain this new lifestyle.  The one I'm looking at has a great daycare facility after dropping Hayden at school and Laila at the daycare  I can fit a little time in for me.

Faruq is very busy at work right now and is travelling a little more then normal.  It harder on me with the two kids now but I know he does try to keep the trips to a minimum and usually adds a day to the ones he does take so he isn't going back the following week.

We have finally decided to do our basement and have gotten really lucky with the builder we have found to do it.  He usually just does custom built homes but has agreed to do our basement.  Only problem is he wants to start at the beginning of May (YIKES !!!) - he has a two month window that he would like to get in and get it done.  Sounds great but I have to purge and pack the stuff that has been accumulating in the black hole for the last 2 years.  I spend the better part of Sunday down there and just got through one section of stuff.  I know we can get it done before he is scheduled to start but it just means a lot of work.

I'm so looking forward to having the whole house developed and nothing else needing to be done.  Landscaping was all but completed last year and with the basement done this summer we can finally just totally relax and enjoy our home.

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