Jazzing it up a bit...

I found a great site that has lots of free backgrounds to jazz up your blog so I have been doing a little updating. Still not totally sure this is the one for me but it's a little fancier then what I had.

We had a great Saturday !! Took the kids swimming then to the library for some new books. The boys dropped ladybug and I off for her nap then they proceeded to do the grocery run.

I whipped a yummy pizza and apple crisp for supper. I made the apple crisp in my slow cooker and would have to say it was just okay. For me the best part of the apple crisp is the crumbly almost crispy part on the top and with the slow cooker that just didn't happen. But it was worth a try anyway and the family still thought it was pretty darn tasty.

After the kids went to bed hubby and I watched this past weeks episode of The Biggest Loser. God are they ever going to get rid of Joelle. She must have a horseshoe up her butt...I just think there are thousands (if not more ) people that would love to have the chance to be on that show and she continues to just bitch and gripe the whole way thorough. I get totally motivated to go workout every time I watch this show...it changes lives !!

Trying to watch season 1 of Heartland as well - love that CBC has it on their website free of charge with no commercials ! It's neat that it along with the newest CBC drama Wild Roses is filmed in and around Calgary. Both shows are pretty good - Anyone else a fan ?

Tomorrow is a stay inside, cozy up to the fire and watch movies, read books or for me most likely tinker away on the computer day.

Hope your Sunday is an enjoyable one !! Stay warm it's going to be another cold one out there !!

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