Sophie had her speech assessment done on Wednesday and it was confirmed what her dad and I already knew.  She is in fact severely speech delayed and moderately delayed but leaning more to severe on the comprehension side as well.

While I'm sadden by these results I'm not frightened the way I was a year ago with Laila.   Everything was so unknown at that time but we have had wonderful success with Laila so I'm much calmer with the whole situation.

It was actually Laila's SLP that did Sophie's assessment so that helped greatly with the nerves side of things.  We know her so well and both girls really like her.  It also helps that we are already in the school so they are doing everything possible to secure funding and a place for her.

The one thing that the SLP mentioned was that Sophie is very good at telling us what she wants without actually using words which is very common for the youngest child in a multi-child family.  She feels her issues are different then Laila's so is encouraged that her progress will be as quick or quicker then Laila's.  Sophie does have about 15 words she uses where Laila basically had 3 or 4.  The other thing she noted was Sophie is a whole year younger so it is the ideal time for early intervention.

Now all that we need to pray for is that a spot opens up at the school Laila goes to for September so that Sophie may start attending as well.  When I spoke to the Admissions director last week she explained that their 9 locations had waiting lists and they can't quite understand where all the kids are coming from.  But I got the feeling that Sophie is at the top of the waiting list with have Laila already there.

We are presently looking for a SLP to come into our home for private therapy sessions until September so I'm hoping we start that process soon but nothing compares to the 5 days a week intense therapy she would receive at Providence.

I'm not going to lie and say I haven't asked the question over and over again "Why has this happened to both girls ?" but I try to really focus on the present and just deal with the issues today.  We may never know the reason and I also know that there are parents faced with much bigger life threatening  issues everyday so our problems are small compared to many.  For that I am thankful.

~ Sweet Sophie ~

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Keli said...

Sophie is such a beautiful little girl. Sorry to hear that she is having problems, but so glad that she is diagnosed early. I will keep good thoughts that she will get into the school. You are great parents to fight for your children. I am happy that we have become social network friends. I love watching your cuties grow up.