Sickness and Sewing !

It has been a very long time since I posted to my little blog but we have been battling another round of viral infections with the girls.  It started two weeks ago today and it took to this past weekend for everyone to start feeling better.  The girls so graciously shared it with both Faruq and I.  Hayden was the only one to come out unscathed from all the sickness.

Really not much you can do for these darn viral infections other then control the fevers and give them something for the coughs at night.  We had many sleepless nights so most days we were just trying to function.  The girls missed their gymnastic and ballet classes which was a huge let down for them but both when back this past Saturday.

With all this time at home I have been plugging away at refining my sewing skills.  My first project was a new duvet cover for Laila's and she was thrilled with.

I have finished a few tote bags as well.

Next up two adorable pillowcase dresses for the girls.  I have the material all ready to go just to find the time now.  I still have 6 weeks left in my sewing class but honestly it has been a bit of a let down thus far and have actually probably taught myself more using my friends "Google" and "YouTube" but it might get better.   

We take Sophie for her speech assessment tomorrow.  We opted to go the private route for the assessment vs. waiting another 3-4 months with hopes of getting her enrolled in Laila's school this coming September.  Of course, it's just our luck that Providence is seeing incredibly high enroll numbers for this fall so we will have to wait and see but at least the process is started sooner than later.

I know more has been going on but for now I just wanted to check in and say "Hi".

I will be back in the next few days !

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Leslie said...

Love your projects!

Soshayna said...

Your projects are cute! Glad you all are feeling better...we battled the same virus over Easter. So far in the last year the girls have a perfect record of being sick at holidays...ugh! Good luck with the assessment! Hugs!