Weekly Update (May 4th)

Gosh I haven't done one of these in a long long time.

  • Faurq is finding a good balance between home and work.  He still has to work the occasional crazy schedule but has really made an effort to be home by suppertime.  It definitely makes for a more enjoyable evening.
  • It's hard to believe that next month will mark Faruq's one year anniversary with Cenovus.
  • Hayden is busy at school and they are preparing for their Provincial exams to be written shortly.  He isn't worried so neither are we.  The school has done a great job preparing them.  He has done really well all year with his studies and I know he is just waiting for the summer break to arrive as we all are.
  • We have scheduled his birthday party for the end of May again so he is helping with those preparations.  He chose to go to one of the local art studios (which didn't surprise us) so they will take care of the majority of the party.  We are just working on the "take home" bag and trying to figure out what he wants for his cake.
  • Laila is thoroughly enjoying school and I think will be really sad when the school year ends but is excited to be going back in the fall.  She loves her teachers and classmates and the feeling is mutual.   
  • She is really enjoying ballet so I'm sure that will be an activity continued in the fall.
  • I gave Sophie's update in the previous post but I didn't mention that she is loving gymnastics.  Although I think in the fall we may have to look for a class that is a bit later as she finds it tough getting up early to get there.
  • As for me I'm doing really well on a personal level.  My belief has always been slow and steady will be my success.  I'm working out (although not quite as much as I want to but it will come) and have been mostly injury free for almost 6 months which is really good.  My achilles has been flaring a bit so that has hampered my exercise plans.  
  • I have been using Isagenix products since February and I love them.  I'm not really doing their cleanses but I do using their protein shakes in the morning and evening.  I feel good and have lots of energy (except when we have been sick).  I haven't weight myself but I'm down a pant size so I know it's working.
  • I'm loving learning how to sew and it has been a great hobby for me to pick up.  I already have a ton of projects lined up I want to tackle but it's just to find the time to get them done.  I still have 5 weeks left in my sewing class so still hoping to learn more there as well.
  • I'm starting a Professional Organizing class in September which I'm really excited about and hope that when I'm done can possibly have a part time career come out of it.
  • Everyone is eagerly awaiting the end of the school year.  7 weeks and it will all be done for another year.  We have commitments in Calgary for the first two weeks in July then we are off to my parents place in BC for almost 6 weeks this summer.  Faruq and the cat will be in Calgary for most of that time which I'm sure both will secretly enjoy the peace and quiet.
I think that covers most of what we have been up to the last few months.  Life is busy for sure but is really, really good for the Suleman's. 

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Keli said...

Love the update on your life. Really excited that you are taking a Professional Organizing class. That is a field I have always been interested in, but never had the nerve to take a class. I hope you enjoy it, and find a part-time work when you are done.