Before having kids Faruq and I owned 3 adorable cats.  We loved these cats like they were our kids because really they were and they brought so much joy to our lives.  But as the years past the cats got older and started having issues with their health.   We had six months of going back and forth to the vet with Faruq's cat Rascal but finally made the very tough decision that it was time to let her go.

~ Rascal ~

Hayden arrived within a few months and added yet another dimension to our house.  Oscar, my big lovable cat adored Hayden and stood guard by him whenever he was awake and would sleep by his crib at night.  But Sydney our littlest fur baby was not receptive to the newest member of the family and proceed to spend almost the next year under our bed.

Shortly before moving to Calgary 6 years ago Oscar our beloved companion for almost 18 years got very sick and there was nothing that could be done so we made the painful decision to let her go.  We were all devastated that Oscar was gone especially Hayden.

~ Oscar ~

So that left just poor little Sydney and we made a painful to decision to let her go live with a very good friend of ours in Fort McMurray.  Rose was on her own and had one cat already.  We missed her but figured she would live out her final years in a more relaxed setting then ours.

~ Sydney ~

So that brings us to present day and we have been "pet free" for almost 6 years now.  Honestly, while I consider myself a huge animal lover I have enjoyed the break from pet ownership.  With adding the two girls to our family in the last 4 years life has been busy enough.  But now that the kids are getting older I have found myself longing for another cat (dogs are out as they are just too much work for me).  Hayden must have heard Faruq and I talking about this because now he constantly asks when we are getting a cat.  If that is not bad enough he has recruited Laila in operation " Drive mom crazy until we get a cat ! "

Every time we see a dog Laila will say without fail "I like that dog but I really want a cat".  She has even taken to telling strangers as much.  The other day when Faruq had the kids over to the playground for a play there was a couple with a young daughter and a puppy.  Laila of course being Laila went over to play with the puppy and talk to the owners.  After about 10 minutes the lady comes over to tell Faruq how lovely she is and if we didn't already know she really wants a cat.  I nearly peed my pants when he was telling me the story.

I'm torn on what to do.   While I feel pets are great for kids I just want to make sure we do this at the right time for everyone.  I'm sure Hayden and Laila are old enough but I'm just not quite sure Sophie is. We definitely need a cat not afraid of kids as they aren't going anywhere and if I have learned anything from our previous cats some do not like little people.

So what is the right age to introduce a pet ? 
What age should the cat be ?  Kitten or over a year old.
In Calgary is it better to go the the Humane Society or the MEOW foundation ?  I would love to hear your experiences with either.

I figure sooner then later we will be the owners of an adorable fur baby but I just want to make sure I do it when it's best for everyone.

Chow !

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suz said...

Michelle, hmmm. Not sure the best age to introduce kids to cats. I would imagine if you got a kitten, all of the kids, kitten included, would grow up to speak. With an older cat, you are right, you won't know if they like littles or not..
Tough call but I am sure when the time feels right you will know and make the right choice :)