Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (September 23th)

Gasp !  Has it really been over 3 months since I did a Weekly Wrap-up.  With fall here and we are back to regularly scheduled programming it's probably a great time to start writing this post again as everyone seems to have noteworthy stuff going on.

  • School has been in full swing for Hadyen now for almost 4 weeks and so far so good.  We are still having a few battles with the homework.  Honestly,  if he would just settle down and get it done the whole process would not take more then 30 minutes.
  • Hayden has decided to not go back to the choir he was with last year but instead take private voice lessons.  We were fine with either but honestly I prefer the latter. As well, he is talking about wanting to go back to piano lessons but we will wait until January to start those.
  • As I previously updated Laila has adjusted to school so well.  There has not been one day that I have had to fight with her to go but instead it's usually just getting her to wait until 12:30 the time we leave to go to school.
  • In the last three weeks we have already noticed a step change with Laila and her speech.  She constantly talks now and it's just not garble but actual words and sentences. I find a big improvement with her comprehension as well.  There are numerous times in the day now where she will correct anyone if they are referring to something with the wrong words.  
  • We have noticed her emotional state has mellowed as well.  I have always said that Laila is our emotional child but since her speech has grown the outburst have all but disappeared.  She is still a very typical 3.5 year old and when tired can throw a tantrum like no ones business but those are easy to handle.
  • Sophie is growing, growing, growing !!  She is missing Laila when she goes to school and almost everyday when we drop her off there is always a few tears.  I can see who will be ready for preschool next year.  Of course Laila will have no part of Sophie being at her school and tells me everyday  "To please take Sophie home now".
  • The room sharing is still going really well and we will move Sophie from her crib to a bed by Christmas as she tries to climb into Laila's bed every night.  We are having a mural painted on their walls right now and I will share pictures when it's done.  
  • Faruq is still enjoying his new job.  We have secured rides for Hayden to and from school so it helps with his schedule at work.  Most evenings he is now home just after the kids baths so he does bedtimes but honestly as the kids get older that is getting easier so I really don't mind them.  He is present on the weekends and takes the kids with him pretty much everywhere he goes so I get a break then.
In general,  life is very good for The Suleman's right now and we are just content to ride that wave.  Honestly, it's nice to be happily quiet for a change as we have faced our share of sadness over the last few years.  I want to share an update on my progress but will save that for another update.

Have a wonderful weekend !

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