Positive Changes (2nd Update)

We are now heading into the  3rd month of our new lifestyle.  There has been lots of highs and few lows during the the last month.

Exercise :
We have been working out for 7 weeks now with our awesome trainer, Stevie and I honestly can't believe how far I have come in that short time.  I try to embrace every workout with a positive attitude but I have to admit I'm still plagued with self-doubt at times.  I know I'm getting stronger but have been having issues with my body working against me.  First I had problems with my upper body and right now I'm trying to fix a few problems with my legs and lower back.   I have found a great chiropractor and massage therapist that worked miracles on my upper body so I'm hoping the same thing will happen with the lower half.  I'm determined to not let these injuries derail my progress though.  It's just a small bump in the road.

I'm  still eating well but I have stopped logging my food which I need to get back to.  June has been a busy month for us and we have had quite a few dinners out but I still feel like I'm making wise choices. 

I did have a few treats this month and while I enjoyed them they were treats.  I like how I feel with eating whole foods and my body definitely lets me know when I eat processed food.  I haven't had red meat in almost 3 months and don't miss it one bit.  My complexion is better and I have more energy in general.

With the cocktail of vitamins I have been taking that seems to have curbed some of my PMS cravings which is great.

I still have not gotten on the scale and I honestly haven't been tempted once.  I'm so afraid that I will once again let a number rule the way I think about my progress.  I know how I feel and it's great.  I have gone down two sizes in both  t-shirt and pants.  I see definition in my body where there was none before.  I know Stevie and I have talked about knowing a number just in case I start to plateau so I may get Faruq to record my weight just in case.  But for now I'm still thrilled with the results.

Closing thoughts:
My belief is still that "steady and slow" will win this race for me.  I'm perfectly fine if this part of the process takes a year.    I have tried the quick weight lose schemes and while they worked at the time I couldn't maintain the results.  With this I feel like my body is adjusting to every new stage.  

Here's to the next month of changes !!

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing. The commitment you have to this journey inspires me. I am honoured to be with you as you grow...and shrink ;)

Leslie said...

Way to go you! I have been thinking about a healtier lifestyle change and bloggin about it to keep me going.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

So glad to hear you are making such a positive change in your lives! Yes, slow and steady wins the race. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask...eating clean and fitness are my passions in life:)