Mama's Weekly Wrap-up (June 3rd)

I know I have been neglecting my little blog and really haven't felt like posting not because we don't have lots going on but maybe because there is just a little too much.  Most days I can just barely get everything done before falling into bed so it doesn't leave much time to play.

  • Faruq was scheduled to have this week off and we had so many little projects planned around the house.  Unfortunately plans changed when we got a call on Tuesday morning saying Faruq's mom had fallen and was in the hospital.  His brother is in Edmonton but was away this week on vacation.  So Faruq ended up being away from 2 days.  Of course, the two days he was away was the busiest for Hayden with extra stuff going on so the girls and I were on the road a lot.
  • I'm busy getting things ready for Hayden's birthday party this weekend.  His actual birthday is July 3rd but since he has started school we try to celebrate it early to avoid the year end rush  It has been relatively easy this year as he picked Super Mario as the theme and there is lots of stuff available.  I ordered the complete loot bag package on-line, we are serving pizza and cake/cupcakes.  Hayden wanted to go rock climbing so we booked the party at a locate rec centre.   I will post pictures after the party.
  • Our workouts are still the highlights of my days (although Stevie would never know it by the amount of whining I do during the workouts).  I'm getting stronger and healthier every week.   I have more energy and sleep better with change I'm making.  Somedays it's not easy but if one day isn't great I just look forward to the next one.  I have said it before and will say it again "personal trainers are worth their weight in gold".  As mama 's we have lots of people demanding our time but this is the 3 hours in my week that I just need to show up and I'm told what needs to be done.
  • The girls are great ! We made the decision a few weeks ago to put them in the same bedroom.  Up until then we had Sophie in with us and it was fine as we have a huge sitting area that we converted into a nursery.   But we felt it was time to move her to Laila's room as the girls will need to share a bedroom as long as we are in our current house.  From the first nap she had in there things went great and she has adjusted to it very well.  Both girls were sleep trained and used grobags so really the room doesn't matter much as long as everything else is the same.  I love having my room back but do miss her being so close.
  • My leg is so much better and I truly know how lucky I was.  The bruising and soreness I had is nothing compared to a possibly broken leg.
  • Faurq is back into Suncor for 3 days this coming week then pulls the plug and has a few more days off before he starts his new job.  He is excited for the change and I can't wait for him to start.
There is lots I would like to say but just never find the time to write it.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm summer weather.

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