Happy Anniversary & Father's Day !!

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and it was my 18th Wedding Anniversary so I thought it only fitting to talk about the amazing man I have been so lucky to spend so many years with.   Faruq is the love of my life and I guess you could say my soulmate.  We have been together for over 20 years and I can't wait to spend the next 20 with him.

Now to be fair and not sound totally corny we have had our share of ups and downs along the way.  Early in our marriage we separated for close to 6 months because we weren't sure where we were headed and if we were going to go down the same path.   But we both came to the conclusion that our relationship was worth working on and we got back together.

The strength of our relationship was again tested when we suffered many loses on the journey to having a family. After every devastating miscarriage I knew I could always count on Faruq being there for me.  I believe through that process we grew even stronger as a couple.  He was always game for anything that needed to be done and never complained once.

Now that we have been blessed with three amazing kids I see what an incredible father he is.  He works very hard to provide for us and sacrificed his career in Fort McMurray to move us to Calgary so his kids would have more opportunities in a larger city.  He shows great patience's and understanding with each of the children.  They love him deeply and he is always met at the door with a huge hug and kiss.

My wish is that our son grow up to be just like his dad and that our daughters will be blessed to married men like him.

I don't feel I can adequately in words express how deep my love is for my husband and how much I appreciate everything he does for us.  I'm honored to share this life with him and I'm so excited to see where the next chapter takes us.

Thanks babe for an incredible journey so far !!


~Daddy with Hayden~

~Daddy & Laila~

~Daddy & Sophie~

~Father's Day~
(I'm sad that the quality of this picture wasn't great but thought it was cute anyway.)

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suz said...

Happy Anniversary to you, 18 years is a great fete these days. You have a beautiful family! Happy you both made the choice to stick it out when it got tough..Good example for your kids and anyone facing the ups and downs of marriage ;)

Keli said...

Happy Anniversary. I love this post, it is so nice to know that there are people that love and respect each other. I look forward to reading your 25th anniversary post....lol!