PMS Sucks !!

For years I have suffered with severe PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) just before my monthly period.  My poor hubby has often been the unlucky recipient of the mood swings, crankiness and general "Sybil" like behavior.   I have found since having kids it has lessen a bit but I still have a few days where it rages and I feel bad for my family during this time.

I had heard from friends that a cocktail of vitamins have helped them so I checked a few books out from the library to see what I could find.

The one thing the books talk about is eating a well balanced diet which we have been doing for the last three months. They did have a list of vitamins that may help ease some or all of the symptoms of PMS.  With nothing to lose I bought the recommended vitamins.   I figured if it didn't work I would be out $50 bucks but if it did work it could potentially change that time of the month for the better.

My cocktail is as follows :

Zinc 25 mg
Vitamin E 280 mg
Evening Primrose - 150 mg
Vitamin B6 .50 mg
Magnesium 200 mg

I was skeptical but started taking the vitamins just after my last cycle.  I have to say one month later I have seen a noticeable difference. My period arrived on Monday which totally surprised me.  I had no mood swings or crankiness (I even verified that with Faruq just to make sure).  The only side effect was a slightly increased appetite on the weekend.  On a typical month I would be just the opposite to this so I guess I'm sticking with the vitamins.

I hope by posting this it might help someone else who suffers like I did.  Anyone have other things that have worked for them ?  I would love to hear them.

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