Weekend Wrap-up

We had a lovely weekend weather wise in Calgary but sadly the time goes by just way to quickly.  Two days is never enough time to get all the fun family activities in.  I think the weekend needs to be 5 days and the weekdays can be Saturday & Sunday !

Friday evening started with the ever fun haircut for Laila.  Let me set the stage for this production.....I'm sure you have all been to a kids salon when "that" child is getting their haircut.  You know the one that is screaming uncontrollably with snot running out of their nose.  While the parent is doing there best to hold said child for the poor hair stylist to attempt at least a trim.  Nothing works to calm the child not bubbles, her favorite show Handy Manny or even suckers.  Well that's Laila but only 10 times as bad as you would ever imagine.  We now get the same girl every time because at least she knows what she is in store for plus a big tip always helps at the end.

Here I should insert that I believe I was suffering from pretty sever PMS because honestly I could have sold her on the black market instead of admitting I owned her.  I have two other kids right ? After the circus act I mean haircut we thought it would be a good idea to grab a quick bite before heading home.  Silly parents that we are...Laila grabbed her plate off the table and spilt her entire meal on the floor.  This is where the communications lines really broke down between Faruq and I.  I can't remember the the exact conversation but it wasn't pretty I can tell you that.

I will skip the rest of the ugly from Friday night and fast forward to Saturday morning.  I had gotten up with Sophie for a feeding at 6 am and my very thoughtful hubby thought he would let me sleep into 10.  Only problem with that was I had scheduled a professional photo shoot for the kids for noon and it was going to take us 45 minutes to get there.  Well we needed to high tail it to get us all ready but we somehow managed to make it with a few minutes to spare.

Hayden and Sophie were rock stars at the shoot.  We got some amazing shots of out little Sophie which really it was for her but when it came to Laila there was no way she was getting in any picture that day.  We tried everything but she stood her ground and was not going to cooperate.  I have learned with this child that there is no sense trying force the issue or even get upset about it.  We are planning on booking another session in the summer for outside where hopefully we can snap a few of Laila.

Saturday evening was quiet time at home with some pizza and movies !  With DST this weekend we managed to trick the kids into believing it was there bedtime an hour earlier so we managed to have a few extra hours to ourselves.

Sunday was spent at home .....I had all the windows open and it was lovely feeling the warm breeze for a change.  I managed to clean out and purge clothing from the kids closets as well as get our bathrooms all scrubbed up.  We had our first BBQ of the season as well...yummy chicken and steak kabobs !!

Hayden has come down with another cold and I think it is more sinus problems this time so we are off to the doctor's this afternoon to see what he thinks.  Honestly, I'm done with the sickness in our family...it has been at least one person since the beginning of the year with something.

On a very positive note Miss Sophie for the last 4 nights has been sleeping anywhere between 8 to 10 hours and I have to say it is making this Mama very happy !  She does not sleep well in the van when we go to pick Hayden up from school so misses that long afternoon nap but hey I would much prefer the long sleep at night !

Wishing you all a lovely week !!

Chow for now !