Crappy few days....

Can I say I'm glad last week is over and we start fresh today !!  Hayden ended up off school for most of last week with a case of Pink Eye and a bad cold.  He did manage to go back on Friday but poor kid missed swimming and a field trip with his class.

Laila, Sophie and I have now come down with another cold but so far I seem to be the only one complaining about it.  Sophie has been sleeping up a storm so I hope she is fighting hers that way.

The weather in Calgary has been absolutely beautiful and other then a sprinkling of snow the other morning it's been sunny skies all the way.

With us being housebound I have been cooking a lot and will post a few of our favorites in the coming days.  My latest obsession are these very yummy Raspberry and White Chocolate Scones.  A friend came to visit a few weeks back and brought some from our local bakery.  Well it was instant love for me but sadly I can't afford to spend $1.50 per scone to feed my addiction so I have tried a few different recipes to see if I can replicate them.  I'm so very close to perfecting it and hubs & the kids are enjoying the rejects.   Here is the recipe I have been warned you will not be able to stop eating them after you have one.

We are eagerly awaiting the pictures from our photo shoot last week and here is a little sneak peek at one of Sophie's pictures.

Dancing with the Stars starts tomorrow and honestly there really isn't anyone I'm rooting for this time.  There are only a few that I have actually heard of to begin with.    If there is a god Kate Gosselin will be the first to go but somehow I don't think that will happen.

I have been enjoying Biggest Loser,  Survivor and The Amazing Race this time around as well.  I noticed Celebrity Apprentice started last week but haven't watched the episode I have PVR'd yet.

Did anyone watch The Office episode where Jim and Pam finally had their baby...I have to say it was very funny..... like laugh out loud several times funny.  I have found that show dragging a slight bit but I'm still a total fan and even their worse episodes are still pretty good.

Hubs and I have been of course watching Modern Family (Love it !!) but also trying to catch Parenthood.   It has a lot going on but still a very good show.

Have a great week and enjoy the lovely spring weather if you are living in Calgary !!

Chow for now !!


Lindsay said...

That picture of Sophie is *the cutest! And I love Biggest Loser and can't believe they are bringing everyone back this week. Yikes - even that annoying lady from the red team :(

dkmissie said...

she is precious

Vanessa said...

I think your wish may come true. Kate was NOT a good dancer at all. I can imagine she is annoying her dance partner already lol.

I did watch the Office episode, and also laughed out loud. Especially when she was nursing the wrong baby lol.