Belated Valentine's Day Gift

Faruq and I don't usually do anything big for occasions other then our birthday's and Christmas (even then the last few years have been a little hit and miss).  But this year he got me a gift that truly touched me and I will cherish it forever.

To backtrack a little.... after Laila's birth I was searching for a piece of jewelry that would  represent both of kid's birth but couldn't find anything that I really liked.  I looked at family rings but honestly couldn't find one that suited me.  When we found out we were expecting Sophie I kind of just stopped looking.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago and I discovered a lady who designs and makes custom jewelry.  I was immediately drawn to her work and casually showed it to Faruq one night.  I think he was  a little reluctant as he has bought me so many lovely pieces of jewelry over the years and for the most part I have returned them.  I really like simplicity and now that I'm a stay at home mommy I don't need lots of flashy things.

She has one pendant in particular that seemed so fitting and I was instantly in love.  Low and behold this past week a small package arrived in the mall from Lisa Leonard Designs.  I was giddy beyond belief.

It is by far the most meaningful piece of jewelry that he will probably ever purchase for me....I love it !!

She calls it the Heartstrings necklace and it is such a fitting name for it.  If you have a minute pop and have a look at all of her lovely work.... Lisa Leonard Designs.

Thanks for listening Faruq and making this a very special
Valentine's Day !!


Keli said...

I love the necklace design and I will definitely visit Lisa's website. Your hubby did a great job with that gift.

Lindsay said...

Lucky you! I have been "casually" mentioning that I want that exact necklace. I'm going to have to do it myself :)