Photo Booth

Why you should never teach your kids how to use a computer. I recently went in to Photo Booth to take a picture for a friend and discovered that my 6yr has become quite proficient at the use of this application.

There were numerous video (by that I mean over 20) of him singing and just generally chatting it up for the camera. It appears that during the time of filming these flicks I was the "Bad Lady" and his father was the "Good Guy". Sounds about right !! :}

I stop counting the number of pictures he took of himself but there was well over 30 of those.   I feel a little one-on-one talk coming with the Bad Lady tonight when he gets home from school.  But I'm sure after we are finished he will make another flick !

If I can figure how to post a few of the videos I will but here is one of the pictures.

I will post later about my belated Valentine's day present that I received on Friday... I was truly touched when I opened it !!

Chow for now !

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