New name and a promise to blog more !!!

I decided to rename this blog instead of starting a brand new one.  I find now that most of my time is taken up with caring for my two beautiful little children with not a lot of time for scrapbooking so figured I would rename it to something a little more fitting.  I do miss blogging and I promise to make more frequent posts.

So much has happened over the last few months...where to start with it all?

Laila has been an amazing addition to our little family.  She is perfect in every way and continues to grow.  It is really something to experience all the new things through her little eyes.  Today she discovered  her image in mirrors and would just giggle every time we passed one.    

She is a great eater and sleeper.  Since week 3 she has slept from 8 pm to 7am so the adjustment in having a baby in the house has been an easy one for mommy.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I talk to other new moms but honestly I feel very blessed that she has developed great sleeping habits.  

99.9% of the time she is just a happy, happy, happy baby.  Her smile is just the best thing to wake up to in the morning.   I now know all the pain we experienced while waiting for her to join our family was worth it and thank God everyday for giving her to us.

Faruq just shakes his head every time I mention that Laila and I have hit the mall.  I'm certainly indulging in my passion for everything girlie.   She now has the nicknamed "Imelda Marcos" because she already has a very impressive shoe collection.
Hayden is doing loves the new role of "Big Brother" and takes it very seriously.  Laila adores him and laughs at all the really silly things he does.  It is truly an amazing bond that brothers and sisters share.  We are so happy that they will have each  other as they grow through the years.

With very heavy hearts we decided to pull Hayden out of the private Montessori school he had been attending for the last year and half because of some issues that were occurring with another student.  But again I believe everything happens for a reason and we found a wonderful school that he started with in January.  We both feel is enjoying the new environment more then his old one and that directly influenced where we would send him for Kindergarten next year.

Once again we were blessed and he was accepted into a specialized program called the Traditional Learning Centre.  Most of the same academics are taught at this school teach but there is some extra instruction included in it.   He will go there from Kindergarten to Grade 6 so that is a bit of a relief for us.  Calgary is growing so fast that most of these schools are now on a lottery system for the spots then the remainder are "waitlisted" with now guarantee of entry into the program.

He has started regular golf lessons with a friend of ours and seems to be really enjoying that.  It's amazing how good he actually is at such a young age.  Just a lot of natural ability.  

As well, we have put him into T-ball and soccer.  The T-ball seems to be the preferred sport but he has agreed to at least one more year of soccer.

Faruq is good...working very long hours the last month or so but that should be coming to an end in the near future.    We are both really excited to get out with the kids and explore this beautiful city we live in.  

As well we aren't planning on long distance vacations this summer but instead plan on really getting to see the southern part of Alberta through lots of weekend trips.  Of course, we will head to BC to visit the grandparents for probably the month of August then back here for the first of September.  

For some reason I can't seem to post any pictures tonight but will figure it out before I blog again and post new pictures of the kids then.

God bless and chow for now !!!

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