How lucky we are....

During the last few weeks I have been following the story of this family who were expecting their fourth daughter. What should have been a joyous occasion turned very sad when they came to learn that the baby had many health challenges and wasn't expected to live much past her entry into this world.

I have shed many tears while reading this families story but have rediscovered something that was missing inside of me for a very long time.   I believe that there is a higher power and that while we feel we are in control of our lives truly we are not. In the end we must submit to what God has planned for us and not judge him.

This little girl has done more for me then she will ever know....I have rekindled my relationship with God and often now freely speak to him throughout my daily life.

I'm going to start thanking him for all the wonderful things in my life and rejoice that my life is full and rich.    As well, I will try to understand and learn from the times that may not be as positive.

Here are a few things that that I'm thankful are:

I'm thankful for my health and that of my family.
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.
I'm thankful for my two beautiful children.
I'm thankful that my mother and father have been able to meet and get to know their grandchildren.
I'm thankful for my extended family.
I'm thankful for all my wonderful friends who are more like the sisters.
I'm thankful to be able to stay home and provide for my family.
I'm thankful that my husband has a good job.
I'm thankful for our lovely family home.
I'm thankful that we live in such a wonderful city/province and country.

Lastly, I'm very thankful that I have been privileged to read the story of Audrey Caroline.   Rest in Peace sweet angel.

So the next time you feel the need to complain about something in your life instead maybe take a moment to say what you are thankful for in your life.  I'm sure you will discover the positives greatly out weight the negatives.

We are all so lucky. 
God Bless

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