Summertime fun !

Summer has finally arrived in Calgary and we have been trying to enjoy as much time outside as possible.  The temps reached the high 20's yesterday and today so the kids have been making use of our little pool and sprinklers.  I also love that we get to visit and chat with our neighbors that we might not see for months during the winter.

Honestly, I don't know how this kid got in the pool.  The water was so cold I couldn't even put my feet in.  She is one tough cookie !!

Then they had the first of many runs through the sprinkler.

It amazes that something so simple can keeps kids attention for so long.

 So what do you see wrong with the next picture ?

After two hours of running she finally took a wee break ..

Of course only to have ice cream !!

My lovely Laila !!

If this weekend is any indication of what the rest of our summer is going to be like we are going to have an amazing 2 months !!

I hope you all had some fun with your families this weekend !!

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