My Plate is Full

I strive to find a good balance in my life but at times I tend to take on more then I can handle and it seems that's been happening a bit to much lately.  One of my resolutions this year was to find more activities for just me but I didn't factor in trying to get everything else done at the same time.  As the kids get older they all seem to have at least a few activities along with school that need to happen weekly.  It's a juggling act I will say that and I'm sure I will only add more balls in the air.

Spring break was nice to recharge our batteries but Laila went back to school this past week and Hayden returns from Vancouver tonight with school starting for him on Monday.  This of course means 6:30 get ups again.  I was getting a bit spoiled as the girls don't rise until after 9:30 every morning.  I need to start my regular workouts again so the early morning will at least be good for that.

I started my sewing class last Tuesday night and I think I'm really going to enjoy it.  They take you right from the start with reading patterns, to exploring different material, cutting the material to actually using my sewing machine.  We will have two projects in class but I'm already plotting (thanks Pinterest) what I would like to attempt when I'm done the class.  I do lots of crafty things but never did learn how to sew.

Laila is now ready for ballet !  Holy people complain that hockey equipment is expensive.  I will say that ballet is pretty darn expensive as well.  But she is super excited to start next Saturday so it is all worth it.

Now someone needs to tell Sophie that she is actually taking gymnastics not ballet next week.  Both outfits are Laila's but she was kind enough to let Sophie wear it for a few hours.

We are having a pretty low key Easter tomorrow as I'm sure the boys will be a bit tired from their travels today.  I have a few new recipes I will post that are total winners that we will be enjoying.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope you are spending time with your beautiful families this weekend !

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Jen@TheFitHouseWife said...

What a cute ballerina! I know what you mean, I always tell myself I'm going to enroll in something for myself, but it never seems to happen. Plus, I'm just too darn tired at night to go anywhere!
Have a blessed Easter :)

Soshayna said...

The girls look adorable! I know what you mean about the expense of ballet. My girls have a combined ballet/tap class...they each had to have ballet and tap shoes and all the accessories...and then the class and additional recital outfits. Yikes! Hope she loves the class...we are winding down with ours here and I am looking forward to a summer of only running to the pool and to go camping. Happy Easter, Michelle! Enjoy the day! Hugs!