It's over for this year....

But I'm back to my little blog !  My power supply died again on my MacBook about two weeks into our vacation so I only really had my phone to communicate with and actually kind of enjoyed the computer break.  I have lots of stuff I have wanted to chat about but for tonight I will just give a little update on what we have been up to for the last month.

We returned to Calgary this past Sunday from being in BC for over a month.  It was a wonderful vacation and it really made me wonder if we made the right decision not to move there.  The kids had so much fun and loved the beach.  They had freedom there that just is not possible in a big city.  But with Faruq's new job and the specialized school for Laila we know we are in the right place for now.  We have decided to rent a place in Gibsons next summer for 2 months so this way the kids can see their grandparents but we are not invading their space for a long period of time.  There are lots of rentals out there so we are hoping for one close to or right on the beach.  Faruq will take a few weeks vacation then commute every other week to see us.

I have to admit it has been a tough adjustment back to reality.  Having constant help with the kids for the month made it hard to adjust back to doing it all myself.  Faruq took a few days off this but went back to work yesterday.  Truth be told it was probably best as it forced me back to our regular routine.  I managed to get the house partially cleaned and did some meal planning.  Please tell me others feel the same way when returning from an extended break ?

Faruq and I managed to sneak away for 5 days while we were visiting BC.  We went to Las Vegas and while we had a great time being alone (our first break in 8 years) I'm not sure we will go back in the near future.  We don't gamble or drink (much) and because of the time it was soooo hot.  I have been a few times so it was nice for Faruq to see it but we both agreed that we will try something with a bit slower pace next time. (Okay that statement makes us sound like we are getting old.)

The kids are great and have changed so much over the summer.  Hayden is getting so tall and is so eager to get back to school.  After much debate we are putting him back at the school he was going to for the last 2 years.  So he is happy to see his friends again.

Laila is blossoming like a lovely little flower.  Her speech IMO has come so far this summer.  She is continuously talking in full sentences now and her comprehension is so much better.  She starts at Providence House a week from Tuesday and we can't be more excited.  We are hoping for big things for her.

Our precious Sophie is still the little the darling of our house.  Although, she has no problem bossing Hayden & Laila around now when she wants something.  But to be fair she is still the same sweet little girl that rarely gets mad.  She eats anything and everything we give her and has taken a huge growth spurt this summer.  She has been trying to cut the last few teeth so we have had a some late nights.

Faruq has been at his new job for a few months now and is really enjoying it.  Makes a big difference when you go to a place where people respect and value your opinions & ideas.  I left him a huge "Honey Do List" while I was gone and I was pleased that he got almost everything done on it.

Personally, I'm doing well. I was able to get out quite a bit for some extended walks while in BC which was nice but sadly in the process strained my achilles tendon on my left foot so now I'm rehabbing for the next 6 weeks.  Our wonderful trainer Stevie is going to modify my workout program so it won't be a total right off during this time.  I'm really looking forward to getting everyone back to a normal routine as we just tend to function more smoothly.  But of course with routine comes early mornings, homework wars and daily lunches.

I have yet to download the rest of my vacation pictures from my camera and phone but will get them done this weekend and post some.

It's good to be back and we will chat soon !!

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Keli said...

I am so glad that you had a good time over the summer. The children will remember their summer vacation in BC and visiting the grandparents for the rest of their lives. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

So glad you had a wonderful vacay! I always find that I need a vacation right after I get home...weird, but there is just so much to do ;)

Melissa @ Family Fun Calgary said...

Welcome home!