Lovely Laila

So I think Mama might have missed something with her Lovely little Laila a few weeks back.  I'm not totally sure her outbursts where caused so much by the "terrible two's" as it was possibly my little girl getting her 2 year  molars.  I started to put a few things together and realized it was probably the later.

She was having weird poops, red cheeks, sucking on her fingers and biting anything she could get her little chompers on.   I wonder if that was enough hints...I guess not for me.  Once we started to give her some pain meds the tantrums have all but stopped.  I still think the limited vocabulary does cause her frustrations but not to the level we seen a few weeks back.

I really hope that's what was bugging her but know it could just be being "2" !

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Shana said...

Aww, bless her heart! I hope she is getting back to her sweet little self! How are you lady? Good I hope! Miss you ♥