Febrile Seizures

So my lovely little Laila has not been feeling herself for the last week or so and we figured it was those nasty molars coming through.  I have been watching her really closely for temperature spikes because we didn't want history to repeat itself.  When she is running a fever she is very prone to having Febrile seizures.  We have ended up at the Children's hospital 3 times when this has happened but if we can catch the fever soon enough with medication she is usually fine.

Well last night I bathed her and then she went with her daddy to get a movie.  During the car ride over Faruq noticed her basically unresponsive in her car seat.   She had a seizure but was thankfully coming out of it by the time in pulled over.  It was so scary for him as it has been me that has experienced almost all of them or at the very least the two of us (and usually at home).  Once out of it she threw up and seemed to be fine.   I checked her temperature and it had returned to normal by the time they arrived home.

This is the 5th episode of seizures and honestly I can't wait to the day that she outgrows these which they say is around the age of 5.  Everyone is scary and you just hold you breath for those few seconds while saying a pray that she will come out of it.

Thankfully Hayden has never experienced one and we will watch Sophie very closely as she gets older.

Anyone else experience these with their little ones?


Shana said...

Oh my goodness Michelle...that sounds so scary! I'll say a prayer ♥

GothicBttrfly said...

How scary for you guys, I can't imagine how scared your poor hubby was. Hope she outgrows then soon.

Keli said...

My 11 yo grand daughter had those until she was about 4. It was so scary for her parents who were only 20 at the time, and they thought they had done something wrong the first time it happened. They learned very quickly to watch her closely if she showed any signs of fever or not feeling well. I hope she grows out of them quickly.

Lindsay said...

Oh my word! That would be so frightening. I'm glad the fever is down and it's just normal teething business now. Phew.