Pukegate 2011

If I only knew what was in store for us while I was writing my Halloween post I would have got out of dodge immediately.  Laila was the first to fall to sickness but last Sunday one by one we all joined "Pukegate 2011".  And of course because the sickness was not enough to deal with Faruq was scheduled to leave on a 4 day business trip starting Monday that he was not able to get out of.  On Sunday I had exactly 8 hours to recover from my bout of the nastiness and for the most part I did.

Everyone stayed home on Monday and Tuesday so there was no need to leave the house.  We feasted on popsicles and Pedilyte then start the BRAT's diet on Wednesday.  Sophie was the last to fall and she fell hard on Tuesday morning but by lunch she was starting to come around.

Hayden returned to school on Wednesday but I decided to keep Laila home for the whole week.  She seemed to get the worse of it all and even with the sickness gone her energy levels where so low.  I know they go really hard at preschool and I didn't want her to get sick again.  Sadly, Faruq came down with it on Wednesday while he was away but it only lasted the day and he had recovered.

Now a week later we have all recovered and the kids are back to fighting with each other so life has returned to normal.

Last week wasn't a total write-off because while we were homebound I managed to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping on-line.  The kids "Santa" gifts have been ordered and now it's just a few little things from us and the stocking stuffers.

We are so pleased that my mom & dad are going to come again this year for the holidays.  They arrive on December 16th and are here until January 7th.  The kids are thrilled to have Grammie and Grampie here for Christmas.

We are now ramping up for Laila's birthday in a few weeks and let me tell you little girlfriend has a few demands for her party this year.  We are having a combo Tangled/Yo Gabba Gabba theme.

Here's to only healthy weeks to come and no more sickness !

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Soshayna said...

Been there...oh how awful a stomach flu can be...two years ago, it happened to the girls while at Disney...so much for the happiest place on earth, Ha! Hope everyone is back to normal.