Halloween Fun

I'm so late getting this post up because we have had sickness visit our house this week.  So there has been very little computer time and in it's place lots of cuddles and popsicles.

We did manage to have a wonderful Halloween last Monday.  Be warned this post is going to be picture heavy !

We started on Sunday with some family pumpkin carving which everyone really enjoyed.

Of course, I had to harvest the pumpkin seeds to roast.

Laila picked Tinkerbell (again) and Hayden chose Angry Birds.

I think we have found the new Suleman family pumpkin carver for next year.  Hayden did his totally by himself and helped a lot with the other ones.  So next year little buddy we will gladly turn that job over to you !!

Sophie just enjoyed being in the thick of it all the way she typically does.

These were their final creations for this year. 

Laila and I did up loot bags for her little friends at preschool.

On Monday we delivered treats to friends and neighbors !

Cupcakes and Halloween popcorn treats !

And finally we were ready to head out for a little trick or treating !  
This year a dragon, Eyeore and Mario tagged along with us.

We spent 10 minutes coaxing Sophie to get down with the kids and she wouldn't but as soon as they got up she was all over it. 

What a difference a year can make !

Off we go but.....

Sadly, within 5 minutes of leaving our house the complaining started.  It was very cold that night and honestly all Laila really wanted to do was hand out the candy at our house.  So we went around our cul-d-sac then the girls and I returned home to enjoy the rest of the night.

Although I think someone could have probably gone all night in her comfy ride she kept getting so angry at every house because all she wanted to do was go in for a visit.

I find as the years pass and the kids get older we have more and more fun at each holiday.   I can hardly wait until Christmas !!

I hope you all had a great Halloween and are enjoying some yummy treats !!

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