It's that time of year again in Calgary ... Stampede Time !!  I have to say I tend to just buckle down and wait for it all to be over with.  There are pancake breakfasts everyday at numerous different locations.  Just yesterday I got 7 notices in my email of upcoming events.

Hayden and Faruq ventured downtown yesterday and watched the parade that opens Stampede.  Neither were overly excited upon arriving home so I my take was that it was just "Okay".    There is a rodeo and a big amusement park but neither events are entertaining to me.  I guess when the kids get old we will probably partake in more events...maybe.

On the plus side Costco and Safeway were dead, dead, dead when I went there yesterday and expect that pretty much anywhere you go over the next 7 days will be like that.

So for all those who live for this time of the year I wish you a Happy safe, don't drink too much and if you do find a safe way home and enjoy the deep fried Mars bars !

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