A Great Weekend !!

We have had a few tough weeks at home with Faruq working some long crazy hours and me having the three kids home now.  Laila and Hayden have constantly been at each other which has caused Mama a little bit of stress.  It's hard to plan outings during the weekdays with Sophie still needing to nap a few times during the day and really if I'm being truthfully honest it's just tough to cart three little's around by oneself.

But we have tried to make the agreement that while Faruq works long hours during the week he is to be home during the weekends so we can have some qualify family time.

Friday night Faruq took Laila and Hayden to see these guys:

From the reviews when they got home everyone had a great time and it was well worth the money.  We love Sesame Street in our house and usually watch it every morning so it was a real treat for the kids to see them live.

Today we had an awesome day with lots of family activities packed into it.   Faruq and Hayden started the day with their weekly breakfast at Ricky's then made a quick trip to Wal-Mart.

The girls had eye appointments in the early afternoon and honestly I wasn't sure how Miss Laila was going to react because this was already a rebooked appointment for her.  We had booked Hayden and Laila in January but when she got there for the first appointment our little free spirit would have no part of the exam so we rebooked it for today.

Sophie went first and was a little angel during the exam but to be fair the doctor said the 6 month exam is usually pretty easy.  He found no issues with her which is a relief.  Next up Laila and you know what she did great as well.  Faruq took her in and he said she just sat for the doctor while he did the exam.  Usually they don't test them after the 6 month exam until at least 3 but they suspected Laila might be nearsighted and wanted to follow-up before 3.  Well she is not so he doesn't need to see her until next summer again.

We had heard the rumor that the LEGO store was now open in Calgary and because we were already half way to that mall we figured we would take the kids for lunch and a little shopping.  Plus with it being Stampede week here we figured it might be a little quieter then it normally is.

So the LEGO store was indeed open and there were tons of people in there (from what I heard it was nothing like it was in the morning).

Because there was very little room to move around the store Sophie and I made the executive decision to head to one of our favorite stores Williams-Sonoma !

We picked up an amazing cake platter on sale for $25 with an original price tag of $70.  Now I just need to bake a lovely cake or cupcakes to display on it.

I got the kids these cute cookie cutters....

So of course we will be making some sugar cookies this week.  I also picked up some plain circular cookie cutters that came as a set with 5 different sizes.

While we were browsing I happened upon these beauties and know they just need to be added to my kitchen. I will be writing my note to Santa this week !

Well after almost an hour in the LEGO store daddy and the kids finally emerged with their purchases and we decided to call it a day.

After church tomorrow we plan on just having a lazy day at home with yard work, cleaning and baking on the books.

I truly love weekends like this where we are just together as a family and enjoy each other.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend wherever you are !!

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