I'm back....

After a few weeks off to reorganize my priorities and get back on track with my life I think I'm on the right path again.

I found my life was in a spiral downwards with regards to me personally.  I was meeting everyone else needs but neglecting mine.  I'm sure all moms can relate to this one.  I was eating all the wrong foods, not exercising and gaining weight quickly.  This in turn would make me depressed and very cranky with the kids & Faruq.

With the other two kids I managed to pack more weight on after the kids were born then during my pregnancy.  I wasn't prioritizing my needs for a proper diet but instead just saying "I will grab whatever".  Well the "whatever" was usually something that was high in calories and fat.  But after a few months I would kick start myself into a diet (usually Herbal Magic) and drop the 70 or 80 pounds but with a hefty price tag attached.  I was definitely heading down that road again after having Sophie.

I came to the realization that I needed to do something and fast.  But having just watched a TV program investigating Herbal Magic I felt that was not going to be the program I went back to.  It is very expensive and they more or less discovered that the supplements they were providing were in fact not "magic".  So in reality they were starving us while hocking these herbal supplements.   As well, I started to dread the weight-ins and the disappointing looks when I didn't reach the weekly estimated weight lose.

Weight for me has been and will be a life long struggle...I know that it's not is rocket science how we maintain a healthy weight but I have always craved food.  I love food and sometimes find it hard to stop when I should.  Do I have a food addiction?  Maybe.  I know hormones play a big part of me every month and now know my "bad" times.  So somehow I need to make friend with food and fast.

But my other motivation this time around to get healthy is my two adorable little girls and the fact that I'm their role model.  They will emulate everything I do and I want to set a positive example of what a women should be.  Now I'm not saying a heavier person can't be a good role model but for me I know I'm not happy heavier and I'm not at my best.

We all know that extra weight as you get older can increase health risks significantly and I will be 42 this fall.  I have been so lucky to this point with my health but know lately I have been feeling my age and sometimes older.  My joints ache and I can't seem to even to the simplest tasks without feeling pain.

So last Sunday I made the first step to taking control of my "physical" well being and I joined the online Weight Watchers program.  It's cheap at $21 a month and it is exactly what I needed.  It has definitely changed since I was part of the program in the 80's.  I love, love, love the points system.   Their online software is super easy to use.

Weight Watchers isn't new but it is effective if followed properly. I love the fact you can still cook meals that your whole family will eat.  I remember trying Jenny Craig (I have tried most everything out there once) and becoming very tired of their food and complaining that I still needed to cook a different meal for my family.

I have found the last few days I have still had the urge to eat but after checking the point values either reevaluated my choice or decided against it.  I discovered a few fabulous blogs that have been created by women who have been on the program and developed amazing recipes.  This has helped a lot on the family front and only having to make one meal for everyone but still helping me reach my goals.

I set my weigh -in days to be Friday's so this morning I was delighted to see I dropped 7.5 pounds since Monday.  I know the first week is usually a big number so I'm not naive to fact that next week should be considerably lower but it sure feels good not to be up 4 or 5 pounds.  I'm good with 2 pounds a weeks from here on in.

I have set a goal of 60 pounds and when I hit it I will reevaluate from there.  According to the "healthy" weight guidelines I should be even 40 pounds lighter then that but tend to disagree.

I know the other portion is exercise so I have put a call into my old trainer to see if he has time to take me on again.  I know he will be pleased to hear I'm not back at Herbal Magic but instead on Weight Watchers as he always felt the it was a bit of scam.  I have never been a lover of exercise but I know that working out not only helps my body but my mind as well.

So I hope you will join me on my journey and I will share my ups & downs along the way !  I have lots of other things to chat about but will save them for another post !!

Have a great weekend and enjoy spring !!

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Lindsay said...

Good Luck Michelle! I think Weight Watchers gives you a healthy perspective on food, which is so important for our daughters. I've been derailed the last couple of weeks, but at least I've maintained and not gained. I'm heading back to WW on Monday :)