Happy Birthday to my Beloved !!!!

Well I guess it is Happy "belated" Birthday now...Faruq celebrated his 43 birthday on October 13th.

It was a pretty low key year as far as celebrating....he didn't want a party or presents so for once I honored that request. We both tend to buy ourselves things through the year so really don't go all out on our birthdays but for some reason he usually tries to sneak a little gift in there for me cuz that's just the type of guy he is.

I love my husband so deeply that sometimes it hurts. He is my partner in this lifetime and I'm so grateful for that fact. Our relationship has not always been this strong and in the early years we were tested greatly on whether our love was enough to keep us together. After some self-exploration we both realized that it was indeed enough and we have now been together for 18 years. We don't take each other for granted and respect one another.

I'm the first to admit I'm not the easiest person to love. But Faruq just loves me for who I am and that includes all the little quirks that I have. He is the most easy going person that I know and truly tries to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

He is a wonderful father that shows his kids a tremendous amount of love. He can be strict but in a kind way. He works very hard to provide us with a good life and I'm grateful that this allows me to be at home with our children.

{Hayden & Daddy}

{Laila & Daddy}

Happy Birthday Faruq - We love you very much !!

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