Heartbreaking but inspiring...

We went to a fundraiser last night for a group called "The Generations of Hope"...this is charity that was created to assist couples who's last option for having their own baby is IVF but they are unable to afford the 11,000 to 15,000 price tag attached to the procedure.

This year they had local photographers visit and photograph kids that had been born with the assists of IVF. While some of the stories brought tears to my eyes all had happy endings and now have beautiful children they can cherish forever.

It is just beyond me why our health card plans do not cover these kind of treatments. While some good plans cover some of the drugs required most couples are left with at least a 5 to 10K bill at the end with no guarantee of success.

No one signs up for fertility problems when they get married and want to start a family...it just happens !!! The numbers seem to be on the rise and whether it's just people waiting longer to start families or environmental issues they just aren't sure why but it is truly heartbreaking when it happens.

My hope is with the money raised last night it can help at least a few families realize their goal of having children to call their own !!!

Here's the link to their site...have a look when you get a moment...

Give your kids a cuddle today and just know how lucky you are to have them !!

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