Nothing new...just too busy !

I have been working on a few new layouts this week but haven't gotten anything done.

There are a few of us getting together this weekend so I hope to get something accomplished then.

I thought I would have so much free time with Hayden in school three afternoons a week but always manage to find something to do other then scrapbooking.

Faruq has been working some crazy hours finishing up his old job requirements as he is starting a new position in a few weeks...Yeah !!! Means he will be home at a regular hour most nights and therefore can take back the bedtime routine with the "Dude". I think they both miss that time together at the end of everyday.

Hayden and I went to Cardel for a little fun time in the pool as he has been there much since we got back from holidays. I was so proud of him today as he actually started swimming on his assistance from mom. I knew he was really proud of himself as well...WTG Hayden !!!

Meeting with our landscapers this week to put the final seal on the plans...we can't afford all that we wanted to do but think we have come to a decent plan for this year. Just too bad it's almost October...we won't enjoy it too much until next spring !

Here's a few before pics...I will post some when they are done.

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