Love this commercial !!!

I never appreciated this commercial as much as I do now that Hayden has started school and gets a summer vacation. While I know he needs the break and deserves it I crave routine in my home. That only occurs when school starts and life goes back to normal.

I know we should have put him into a few activities or organized a trip to the grandparents. But we didn't and I have paid the price for a month. It seems some days that all I hear is "Laila stop it" or "Laila's looking at me" {huge sigh}. It's tough with two little sisters and a mom that just doesn't have the same amount of time to spend with you. Dad has been working crazy long hours at work so he hasn't been much help.

But school goes back on August 26th so we only have about 3 more weeks of the bickering and boredom. Dad is scheduled to start holidays on August 16th so hopefully Hayden will have a few good weeks of vacation.

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Lindsay said...

Michelle! You just made my day with that commercial. Hang in there, we're almost done :D