4 days until Faruq arrives...

It has been a wonderful three weeks for Hayden and I on the coast but we both miss daddy soooo much !!

Faruq and I have decided to take a week on our own. Kind of a second honeymoon before our new bean arrives as it maybe a very long time before we get the chance again. Hayden will stay here with Grammie and Grampie for the week then Faruq will fly out to collect him at the end of August.

We plan on watching lots of movies, eating out every night at our favorite restaurants and just enjoying some quiet time together...we might actually be able to start and finish a whole conversation in one sitting.

The weather hasn't been good or bad on the coast the last few days...the skies threaten rain everyday but we don't ever seem to get it. It's actually nice as it was uncomfortably warm for me the lat three weeks.

I have managed to finish all 4 books that I brought on vacation so have asked Faruq to make a pit stop at Chapters before he comes out on Tuesday. I need something for the drive home as Faruq isn't much of a talker.

I have started lots of Digital layouts while I have been here but not really finished any of them. I did manage to design our baby announcement so now all we need is the picture and vital stats when the bean arrives.

Heading out this afternoon to a few of the local artists on the coast...there is amazing talent here and I always manage to find some wonderful treasures.

Chow for now !!!

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