Busy, Busy, Busy..

Is what life has been around our house for the last few weeks.

Hayden still has soccer and gymnastic plus school is still in session until June 26th. I think we will all enjoy summer break when it comes in a few weeks.

For his birthday we decided to upgrade his bike...we headed to a Bow Cycle tonight and picked out a very cool bike. Hayden was so excited and begged us to let him drive it home. I'm already getting more gray hair just thinking about him on this bigger bike but the little trike was just too small for him.


I can't believe how big this little boy of mine is getting !!!

We finally have our landscaping just about finished...I would say almost 90% of the job is done and we are absolutely loving it. Hayden heads out around 10 every morning he doesn't have school and it's hard to get him in at 8 for bedtime.

They have done a great job and we are so pleased that we waited for this particular landscaping company. They need to replace a bit of sod that didn't take, plant my shrubs, turn on the lights and a little carpentry but other then that the outside is done.

I will post pictures when it's all done and looks extra pretty !!

Faruq is running again so has formulated a good routine that seems to work really well for him. First thing in the morning...he parks about 5K from his office and runs the rest of the way. He saves on parking and transit passes. I'm glad that he has started this activity again as he loved it before Hayden was born.

I have started my final photography course for this session...It's a great course and I'm learning a lot. I have registered for my 5th course in the fall then will need to take a little break until after Christmas.

We have booked Hayden's 4th birthday party at the Telus Science Center...we just couldn't risk having a bunch of little people running around on your new lawn in the backyard...we had wanted it at home but I'm sure everyone will enjoy themselves as there is lots to explore at the science center.

I guess we are having another Thomas the Train theme this year. Works for me as I can call Cakeworks (our lovely cake shop in Calgary) and just tell them to do the same cake as last year.

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather...it's so nice that it is here now !!

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Julie ^^ said...

you HAVE been busy michelle!
I just drop by to see your site! W - O - W!!
i love your pages!! you are SO talented!
its great to hear that things are going well for you!
I know we havent chatted for a while, I just wanted to let you know that i was thinking about you and your boys the other day! :)
Perhaps one of these days when you have time, we should get together for some tea (or coffee) :)
take care sweetie! *hug*