Enjoying Spring...

I'm not sure where the time goes but it's already May 7th...Soccer and gymnastics are in full swing. Both activities seem to be a hit.

Although, we are thinking that Hayden is actually going to have a little more fun with golf. A friend of ours runs the Callaway Golf Performance Center here in Calgary and invited Faruq & Hayden out to practice on the simulator machine this past Saturday. I guess Hayden was having so much fun he wouldn't let Faruq have a try. He hit balls for over an hour and didn't want to leave when they were done and has continued to ask to go back.

I was meeting a friend for some lunch and retail therapy yesterday so the boys went to the mini-putt center close to our house. I love that Hayden is so in love with golf...it's a sport that Faruq and I have enjoyed for many years !

I'm still busy with my Photography course...3 classes left to I complete the my 3rd course. I have one final course this session "Photoshop for Photographers" which wraps up on July 4th. While the courses have been great I'm looking forward to a little break this summer. I plan to take at least one more course this coming fall...then we shall see.

Here are a few of the shots I'm submitting as part of a "food" assignment. My choice of food was a huge hit with Hayden...he was just mad I wouldn't let him eat any until I was done photographing them.

Landscapers are back hard at work. They figure that with good weather they will be done in a few weeks. I'm so tired of having the ugliest yard on the block...it will be nice to have grass and plants again !!

We are looking forward to this weekend as Thomas the Train makes a return visit to Calgary and we managed to snag tickets for a ride. I'm sure it will be a big hit and I will post some pictures after the ride.

Chow !!!

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