My Little trooper...

Hayden let me do a mini photo shoot with him today after school...He has been such a good sport about all of this that I think a trip to Toys R Us is in order this weekend.

Here are a few of my favorites....

My first class is officially over and I survived !!! It was actually a great class to start with because it covered all the basic parts of photography which in my opinion is the key to being a successful photographer.

My next class "Intro to Digital Photography" starts on February 26 and I can't wait. I really think this is something I might consider doing as a career when Hayden goes to school full-time.

Stayed tuned for more pictures...when Hayden will let me take them !!

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Roxanne said...

WOW I love your photography Michelle! My favortie is the first picture of Hayden but it was a tough decision! I think doing photography full-time will be something that you will excel at!

Kepp up the good work.