They have finally started...

Our landscapers arrived on Monday morning but it seems like all they have done is moved dirt around for 3 days...I know they have to level the ground for all the retaining walls and pavers we are putting it but it is like watching paint dry. {sigh} I just want it done now...although not sure we will be able to use it as they are forecasting snow and cold weather for the next few days.

My dad was here to visit us from Vancouver for about 5 was so nice to see him. Hayden always loves when grampie comes to visit but is sad when he leaves.

I haven't had much time to scrapbook lately but I'm going to set aside a few hours this weekend to finish a some of the projects I have had on the go for too long. It's soon going to be time to get started on this years Christmas cards soon...yikes it's hard to believe it's soon going to be that time of the year again.

We had family pictures done on Tuesday so we are excited to see what they have turned out like...I hate to get my picture taken so it was a pretty painful process for me. But our photographer was great so we are hoping for a few good shots.

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